A smile from Germany

58 Products Coffee mug without handle, cheery face

I love filling my home with things I find in my travels. A few weeks ago I wandered through a shop in Koblenz, Germany. Always on the lookout for something unique, I couldn’t pass a display of porcelain mugs, bowls, vases, etc with faces on them. These high quality porcelain mugs sat in the grooves of my hand so perfectly and they made me smile! I couldn’t pass them up. I got myself the coffee mug set https://www.58products.us/collections/tassen-porcelain-coffee-mugs-by-fiftyeight-products/products/tassen-porcelain-mug-set-no-1-cheery-baffled-face-edition-11-oz-white-set-of-2-mugs-no-handles and immediately put and order in on the website for the bulkier items. All of the products are made in Germany but we’re shipped to me in the US within about a week. Now as I prep for Christmas I find myself buying the 58 products as gifts for everyone. I can’t wait to bring a smile to my friends and families faces with these gifts and my memories of Germany. Get 15% off your order at https://www.58products.us/kathleen-klein with code ‘FDB30A6A0F5’

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