All about Disney Photopass and Memory Maker

Disney Photopass service. What is it? Is it worth it? Do I need it? The short answer. It’s a great memory of your trip if you have the extra cash.

Photopass is what Disney calls their professional photography service around the parks. Anyone can go up to a Photopass cast member and have their picture taken. The cast member will ask to scan your MagicBand or ticket so the photos will be available for you to view on the my Disney experience app. Some Photopass stops even have interactive ‘magic shots’ where a character or fun surprise will be added into your photo. In addition to the cast members around the parks you can also link your in-ride photos/videos to it as well. You can even go to the Photopass studio in Disney springs and have a family portrait taken.

If you want to download these photos to keep. You will need to purchase them. You can do this a few different ways. You can purchase a one day memory maker pass or the full memory maker that would include your whole trip. Ask your travel agent for current pricing.

If you’re looking for something more cost effective you get Disney Photopass lens when you buy genie+. Not only do you get to enjoy lightning lanes on most rides but you will have a section on your my Disney experience app with Disney filters you can take selfies with around the parks.

Photopass is great for families that want to get everyone in a picture. I tell my clients to look at the cost as a souvenir you’ll have forever. Don’t forget, you can purchase memory maker and download all your photos from your vacation up to 30 days after you travel. So you can always have photos taken on your vacation and buy later if you’re unsure if it’s worth it for your family.

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